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Angelina Valentine

April Knight

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Scenes Featuring April Knight

Mega Sized Mouthful

  • Added: 16th Aug 2012
  • Video Duration: 16:30
  • # of Photos: 384
  • Rating: 98.6%


Big Gulp Girls bringing you brand spanking new yummy April Knight. Besides her cum swallowing appetite, April brings her big titted body to film for the first time and boy oh boy are we excited. This little X-rated hottie has a bit of a wild side. Tattoos and those huge tits of hers are pierced. April Knight may be new to the screen but I've got a hunch that she's been acting naughty for some time. In fact, its pretty obvious this isn't her first rodeo when you see April slobber all over this dick; looks like she's been practicing for this moment for some time.

Until April was 17 years old, she was a model student, on the cheerleading squad, and an over all good girl. My, how quickly that can all change… April avoided all the many temptations of the flesh. She regularly attended Abstinence Among Young Adults meetings, both at school and off campus. Her intentions were to stay “Pure” until her wedding night. Awe, how sweet? But all that changed when April's friend insisted she attend a party where there would be college guys.

April normally turned down these invites, but the mention of college guys peaked her interest. And since it was only days until her 17th birthday she figured she would cut herself a little slack. Are we glad that she did, or what? Little did April know how much her life would change after this night of unadulterated partying. After a few drinks the shy and reserved April was busy getting banged in the bathroom by a number of frat boys. Bad girl! But April loved it, throbbing cocks penetrating every hole she had; there was no turning back for this little slut now. The dirty freak inside April Knight had been unleashed… She quit the cheer squad and spent all that extra time practicing her new favorite hobby; slurping down pints of cum from a bunch of big hard dicks!

Over night this classy school girl became a secret slut. April Knight went out and got tattoos and pierced some very pleasurable parts; and then set her sights on the silver screen. We love it when a dirty little slut like April show's up on our radar; she's a great addition to this team! Can't get enough of fresh young faces like Aprils. Mostly because we love to be the first to give them a facial glazing they will never ever forget. Just watching as she's sucking and stroking this hot cock ensures us that we found a real winner. You know by looking into April's eyes that all this busty beauty wants is cum!

Don't stop now April, your big moment is here!!! SUCK HARDER!! There it is honey, a big sticky load for your titillating tasting pleasure. Don't you want to see how good April did? Come on baby, show us how proud you are! Look at the size of the load this huge cock left in April's mouth. Her beaming smile says it all. This girl is proud of her newbie status and if shows! GULP!!!! Mmmhhhh, how delicious! April swallowed the whole thing!

April Knight may be brand new right now but I'll bet she is sure to be making more appearances soon. Can't wait! Maybe next time April Knight will be back as a Big Gulp Girl. Based on how she slurped down this mega sized mouthful I would say it is a guarantee!

Starring: April Knight


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