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Angelina Valentine

Laura Li

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Scenes Featuring Laura Li

Kinky Little Slut Puppy

  • Added: 19th Aug 2012
  • Video Duration: 13:46
  • # of Photos: 307
  • Rating: 94.6%


Laura is her today to be a Big Gulp Girl. We love saying that about Laura Li…. Just imagine…. It was a long day at work, your boss is an asshole, that package never got shipped out, and there isn't a co-worker worth talking to in the whole office. What a day! But its finally quitting time and your going home to enjoy the comforts of all your hard labor. Remember why your paying $1,500 a year for your step daughter to be a varsity cheerleader? Oh yeah, because if she is a cheerleader she's going to be bringing all her happy horny cheerleader friends home to Daddy! And as soon as you walk through your front door you get your pick of the litter. And who's going to be the lucky winner today??? Of course! The lucky lovely Laura Li is the big winner!!!

Should we tell her what she won? Laura is on her way to spending the whole evening sucking on your fat juicy dick! As well as getting to parade that hot ass in front of the camera for everyone to enjoy! But wait, there's more! Laura you are now eligible to be the Grand Prize Winner of a Creamy load of hot sticky Cum! Yeah!!!! (The crowd is cheering this cheerleader on!)

Wouldn't that be a life? Getting to come home everyday and get your cock sucked by young Laura Li; every day you would get the oral satisfaction your truly deserve. Some day it will happen! You'll see. Seeing is hard to believe with this brunette babe, that's for sure. She may be brand new but Laura Li gives head like a seasoned pro. She definitely has what it takes. Suck, stroke, suck, stroke. She looks to have every part of your monumental manhood under control. Laura isn't hiding that all she really desires is a colossal pool of gooey gizz. She is working hard for it to. Maybe if she is a good girl we'll give it to her……maybe. Really, there is nothing we wouldn't do for a little slut like Laura. Especially with a supple body and magnificent mouth like hers. She is many a mans fantasy cum to life.

Laura doesn't know it yet but she is about to be a favorite among many people all over the world with a first time performance like this one. She sucks this cock so well it makes us wish we could jump through the screen and make sure she's real, because she is too good. Of course while your there it wouldn't hurt to let her catch your load too. Laura Li bobs on this knob exquisitely, like only a dirty little cock sucking slut can. And she loves it! She's happy to have that hard hitting hammer in her mouth. Laura is all to ready to get that fat mouthful she was promised. Brand new or not Laura is quickly going to make a name for herself. She's a girl who is really going places. Like further and further down on that cock! She's such a good girl; we are proud to be presenting her to you. Since she has been so good, I guess she can have her reward.

Oh Fuck Yeah! What an explosion. And Laura Li handled it fabulously. Good girl! Laura loved, licked, and tugged on this dick just like the kind of kinky slut we look for and want to keep around.

Starring: Laura Li


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